Summer Season 2017/18


Summer Competition runs from October through to Feb/March, with pre-season training starting in September.


Junior Training                      Thursday nights           5pm – 6:15pm

Bailey Reserve, East Boundary Road, Bentleigh East, behind GESAC (the Glen Eira Sports and Aquatic centre). 

Please Note: This time may change over summer.

Please wear: cap, long pants, and protective box for boys.  Cheap cricket pants are a good option for training sessions.


T-Ball                                                              4 –  8 yrs           Sunday morning.      Oct – Dec  10am – 11am

T-ball is a fun, modified form of baseball for boys and girls aged 4-8 yrs and up to 10.  The batter hits a softer ball off a stand, or tee.  There is no pitcher throwing the ball.

Otherwise, it’s essentially the same as baseball, with fielding, running and catching.  The emphasis is on participation, fun and skill development.

Playing registration includes a club cap and t-shirt.  There is no additional training day and no regular inter-club competition – although an inter-club gala day is being organised.

Active parent involvement and participation in the game is supported and encouraged.


Little League Minor B (Rookie Ball)            7 – 10 yrs            Friday night.            Oct – Feb         Time varies with summer daylight.   Approx. 6pm – 7:30pm


Friday night junior competition during summer is a great way to get into baseball, or in transitioning from T-ball, as this game has the coaches pitching and modified rules so the game moves quickly with kids able to make a hit of the ball.

Home and Away games start in October and run through to Feb/March.

The emphasis is on having fun in a team, and providing players with the skills for playing baseball.  Balmy summer nights create a great family environment and is a great start to the weekend.


Little League Minor A                                  

Ormond/Glenhuntly will not have a Little League Minor A team this season.  Please discuss other options with our coaching crew.

There will likely be a team in this division next season in 2018/19


Little League Major                                       9 – 12 yrs        Sunday morning.  Oct – Feb. 9am – 11am

LL Major Matrix: Aged 9, and not yet 13 by Sept 1


LL Major is the highest baseball division for this age group, with emphasis on improving each player’s skills and game play abilities with their team mates.

Home and Away games start in October and run through to Feb/March.



Intermediate League U15s                             11 – 14 yrs      Friday night.               Oct – Feb         Time varies with summer daylight.   Approx. 6pm – 7:30pm


If you have a child in this age group and has never played baseball, this is the best team for them to learn and grow in baseball with a skill level to match their own.

Home and Away games start in October and run through to Feb/March.

This league covers the gap between Little League and Junior League for players who are inexperienced or not physically ready for Junior League Baseball.

Players by age can play Intermediate (Friday) and Little League Major (Sunday) if they choose.


How can parents help on game days?

Parents help the games run smoothly by assisting in ground marking and canteen duty for Home games, and with basic scoring.  Training and assistance with scoring is provided.

Parents may at times be asked to assist with umpiring, but only if confident and willing.

Parents are also very welcome to coach, if interested. Please contact a committee member to discuss.


Uniform for Little League and Junior League

Correct uniform is expected to be worn when representing Ormond Glenhuntly Baseball Club.

  • Club cap
  • Club playing top (owned by the club; on loan for the duration of the season)
  • White baseball pants with blue belt
  • Navy socks
  • Metal cleats on shoes are not permitted to be worn in games for junior age groups.  We recommend specialised baseball, soccer or football boots.
  • Protective box for boys
  • A navy blue t-shirt can be worn under the playing top

Uniform items are available for purchase from Ausport, K2 Baseball and occasionally Sportsmart in Moorabbin.



T-ball:  All equipment is provided by the club.  Please label anything you bring of your own.

Little League and Junior League:  All equipment is available for use from the team kit bag during training and game days, including gloves, bats, helmets and catching gear.  Many kids like having their own glove – please label it!

Bats at junior level must not be wooden and must meet certain criteria please ask before purchasing.