Enter Diamon1 from Dorothy Ave

Enter Diamon2 From Foch St

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– Bar
– Canteen
– Clubhouse
– 2 Diamonds
– Showers
Activity Days:
Summer Season Men – Firsts, Seconds, Thirds and Fourths (Sunday Afternoon)
Winter Season DBA – Firsts and Seconds (Saturday Afternoon)
Under 14
Under 16

Name                                    Position                                  Email

Samuel Robertson              President                      

Michael Sullivan                  Secretary                      

Jeff Hoenig                           Vice President              

Archie Lygris                        Treasurer                     

Emmanuel Lygris                Committee Member  

Warren Boustead               Committee Member  

Trifon Stafalis                      Committee Member   

Doug Watson                      Committee Member  

Archie Lygris                       Junior Rep